Farmers, Foodies & Artists

We partner with local artisans who give their heart to their craft.


Salt of the earth, local farmers are the caretakers of food. We are proud to partner with local farmers to share in the creation of our menu.

Linden Dale Farm

Established in 1797, the 93-acre Linden Dale Farm is in its seventh generation of continuous operation. Ten years ago, Andrew and Mary Mellinger and their children transitioned from cows to goats as well as adding a milk processing facility. The farm continues to provide all the feed and pasture for the goat herd as well as the location for all the cheese making. Only the milk from the Mellinger goat herd is used, making it a true farmstead dairy.

Clear Springs Hollow Farm

Our cattle are naturally bred and graze on pasture grass in a family-based herd.  No anti-biotics or hormones are given to our cattle at Clear Springs Hollow Farm. We take environmental stewardship very seriously and strive to use a minimum of pesticides and fertilizers while rotating crops to utilize as much of the growing season as possible for grazing, giving you delicious, raised beef from happy, humanely treated cattle.

– Zach Agler


Within our local communities lies a treasure of local food artisans- making distinctive, small-batch goods from personal passion and courage. We are proud to feature local makers in our Red Canoe General Store & Brewery.


I fell in love with baking at a young age when I began making goodies with my grandmother and my Mom. After being diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I made it my mission to make all of those delectable pastries again, but now gluten-free. Batter, A Gluten Free Baking Co.LLC, is the way I share my sweet and savory goods …cookies, brownies, focaccia, biscotti, and dry mixes, for you to take home with your family. – Daria Astoria

Callicutts Spice Co

Calicutts Spice Co. is Central Pennsylvania’s maker of handcrafted spice blends. Each blend is crafted from a small batch of freshly sourced, toasted, and ground spices near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, by a mother in-law/son in-law team of spice artisans.

– Robert Orth

Blind Spot Nutbutter

Blind Spot Nutbutters makes homemade nutbutters daily in York, PA. We start with the basic nut, grind it, blend our mixtures in a huge mixer bowl, jar, date, label, and seal.  We also get to play the important roles of janitor and delivery person. The number 1 reason I purchased this company in October of 2016 – I am the biggest Nutbutter fan, and now I can eat the best of the best every day of my life! -Jeanean Shettel

Christina Maser Co

Whether we’re crafting a candle or making the soap for your morning shower, we choose our ingredients carefully— with our impact on you, your home and the environment at our core. We only buy our pantry produce from local Lancaster County, PA Farmers. We’re also pretty fussy about HOW we make our products. Everything is crafted in small batches by our hands at Christina Maser Co. – Gretchen Maser

Renewal Kombucha

Small-batch brewed organic teas and herbs that are fermented with live cultures, Renewal Kombucha combines the benefits of probiotics, antioxidants, and healthy acids with unique flavor combinations.  Based in Lititz, Renewal Kombucha started in early 2015 as a passion project for me and my wife, Kristi. What began as a part-time venture out of a small community kitchen has since grown into a micro-brewery with a small taproom and distribution in South Central PA. – Jeremy Sayer

Tandi's Naturals

Tandi’s Naturals was founded by Tandi and her husband John over 10 years ago when she starting making soap for fun. Christina Maser Co in 2013 bought Tandi’s to continue offering great home and personal care items that are good for people and our earth. All packaging is environmentally friendly, there are no artificial ingredients used and our oils, tallow and beeswax all come from Lancaster County PA, along with our homegrown herbs and pure essential oils.


Mount Gretna is a cozy village landscaped by gently wooded mountains, a soothing stream and a beautiful lake. Many local artists dwell in its rustic cottages and people come from all over to enjoy the arts – from an art gallery and outdoor theatre to a world-renowned art show every summer.

It is in celebration of our magnificent art community that each beer label is designed by a local artist – sharing a bit of our region including Cornwall Iron Furnace, Chiques Creek, The Lebanon Valley Rail Trail and Governor Dick.

Ryan Fretz

Mandy Mills

Marshall Kramer

Jeanette Leid

Glen Acker

Josh Riggan

Faith Mumma

Jandi Goshert