After a 20 year off and on run of brewing with friends, Brad shares his dream to start a brewery one day in the Spring of 2011. After moving into our home, we buy a half barrel Sabco system (we like to remind ourselves its the same system Dogfish Head started on) and start brewing for friends and family tasting events. In 2012, we file a company name and start sharing our craft more broadly at local Mount Gretna and community events.

We get a two thumbs up from our tasters to keep on going! 

We also shared a love of local markets and created a vision to have a brewery and general store market when we brought this idea to life.

And then it came down to location, location, location. Wanting to stay close to Mount Grenta, we searched and searched…along the way, we met Todd Holsopple, who shared our passion for celebrating the outdoors and arts of Mount Gretna and sharing it through great beer and food. The three of us become business partners…and we searched and searched some more – a road full of hope, heart breaks and memories. Everything happens for a reason-

Last Spring (2016) Leed’s Corner came into view. Just 5 miles from Mount Gretna, and an historic corner of local community and connection between Lebanon & Gretna, we knew this was the right place to call home.

This is a passion project – from the day we signed for the property, we have been there – clearing out, building new and reclaiming- wood, bricks, metals and more from Gretna and the local community. Our friends and family have spent weekend upon weekend- painting, sanding, hanging lights…with beer on hand!

The emotion the day we opened our doors on May 20 is one you can’t quite describe. We are humbled and grateful and so excited to be part of the neighborhood. We have a lot to do yet…but like moving into a new house – it will come.

And so- we come to the intersection of one road, and we are turning the corner toward the next – inviting our neighbors to enjoy the ride with us!


Allison Kleinfelter

Co-founder, Mount Gretna Craft Brewery & Red Canoe General Store